The Emotions Method

The consolidated experience in weddings has allowed us to formulate and perfect an organized working method and a new and innovative approach to this profession: the Emotions Method.

As the name reveals, the emotions are our system’s starting point, which we want to tell and focus on through images. For this to happen, great importance is given to study and preparation. We sit down with the bride and groom in an attempt to establish a growing relationship of trust and collaboration in anticipation of the day of the fateful “I do.” Our intention is to reduce the anxiety and pressure that accumulate during the extensive preparations for the wedding. A goal we aim to achieve by always giving our sincere advising and listening to your ideas.

Emotions Photo is the only photography studio that specializes entirely in wedding photography. Our professionals are experts in making photoshoots that tell the story of your special day in a natural, spontaneous, and truthful way so that each time you feel as if it were the first.

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